Chimney Sweep Training  
The UK's most popular and by far, the best priced Chimney Sweep training. Now offering 1-2-1 service.
Everything you need to learn and trade as a professional. Based near Haverhill, Suffolk, and near Skegness
Loads of B&B's nearby. Save time with us, trained and certified far quicker.
Just £649
Call now, or email to discuss available dates.

Get trained - Get certified - Get professional

You'll learn all the appropriate techniques to sweep and service all the different stoves and appliances you may come across day to day

All in a friendly and down to earth environment


Insurance approved

All training is on a 
maximum of 2 people per group, or on a 1-2-1 basis!
We're the only training centre to offer such a thing, meaning huge amounts of one to one time, resulting in far better training

Giving you what you need, for the very best price.



Here at the Chimney Sweep Academy, we have been providing quality chimney sweep training for years. We are the UK's premier provider and the most popular. Our family has been sweeping for generations, dating all the way back to the 1800's. We were the first association to conduct our training with City and Guilds qualified teachers, this is so important, everyone learns in different ways and we consider ourselves the very best in the industry at what we do.

You'll find that some other providers stretch out their training to 4 or 5 days, we consider this to be far too much. It takes too much time and is also unnecessary in our opinion. This also results in you having to take more time off work, perhaps losing more money and also costing more in B&B's and staying away. We considered all this when we designed our chimney sweep course. If we haven't already saved you enough money in practical terms, our course itself is far cheaper, just £649, with NO hidden extra costs and NO hidden on site assessment fees. Membership also costs a lot more money with anyone else. We provide the best priced fully certified training in the UK.

We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds, we excel at getting you what you need.

There's no formal exams, we use a very different and very simple method to assess and certify you for the career ahead.

We start with the all important theoretical training, using all the different methods to help underpin everything you need.

Once we are both happy, we move straight onto the tools! You will be shown all the different types of appliances you may come across, how to access them and how to sweep them efficiently, with no mess and no fuss.

Chimney sweeping is future proof, people will always need their chimneys swept. With effort and perhaps a small dose of luck, a very good living can potentially be made, we know some sweeps on very good money indeed.

We are the UK's only truly independent association, this being the continued way forward to keep all costs down for you. Even our annual membership fees are far less than anyone else. We now have members throughout Europe and chimney sweeps that have chosen to leave their existing association and join us because of our support and value for money. 

As well as training for those no experience, we also train Hetas and Oftec installers on how to carry out the trade.

We'll give you all the support and backup you need through our support page, email and telephone. We'll even advertise for you through our www.chimneysweepfinder.co.uk website

Please do give us a call with any questions, if you decide to book one of our courses, we'll send you a conformation email with everything you need to know. You don't have to buy or bring anything with you, we provide all that is needed.

01223 851472 or admin@chimneysweepacademy.co.uk Our telephone is often diverted so may have a strange ringing tone, but don't worry, you'll get through to us. For an immediate response call: 07897883137.