from a dream to reality...       

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I have swept chimneys all of my adult life, even helped out as a child with my father. My father was sweeping before all the other associations we even formed.

I've trained all kinds of people of all ages, worked with the local council to great success and also with a beacon status college, with outstanding results, being the very best in the industry.

I am the first to offer Chimney Sweep training with a formal teaching and assessor qualification, I knew the importance of this for quality training, only recently have some of the others recognised the value in this.

The Academy is the newest of the associations, set up purely for a better, more digestible standard of training, and certainly for far less money. We don't have luxury offices, they're not needed, and have to be subsidised by their association members.

The Academy is a truly open and equal association, we would never dream of ring-fencing the trade like others are actively trying to do. 

The Academy prides itself on all its members educating their customers on better burning practices, and ensuring customer safety.